It’s always the same questions, when we’re out and about on the bikes:
Did you make that?”
“Is that a wood bike?”
and “WTF?”, amongst others…

However, the one question from every conversation is:
“Why? Why a wood bike?”

To this we simply reply:
“Why not?”

The wood bicycle was a collaborative adventure amongst friends. One of us said, “What if?” and here we are today.

Our protocol was rudimentary in design. And what it lacked in design led to the skillful engineering of a novel idea.

The first complete bicycle was the Defender. From front end to back, this bike was a work of art and faintly resembles the original protocol.

William Holloway

William Holloway

Owner, Master Woodworker

Shop owner and master woodworker, Bill brings the know-how to this joint venture. Bill has been in woodworking for over a decade. If you can dream he can build it.


Mauro Hernandez

Contractor, Woodworker